COVID-19 guidelines

COVID-19 guidelines

Safety and security is a priority to us

Of course, we comply with the current Covid guidelines for holding larger events and thus ensure that it is safe for you to participate in the festival


Must show a valid corona passport upon arrival to the festival

The corona passport must be presented at the entrance - either: 

  • A negative result of a covid-19 test either a PCR test not more than 96 hours old from the time the test was performed, or a rapid test which is not more than 72 hours old from the time the test is made.
  • A positive result of a PCR test that is at least 14 days and at most 8 months old from the time the test was performed.
  • A completed vaccination against covid-19 or a covid-19 vaccination which have started at least 14 days and at most 42 days after the first dose.


The premises

  • We ensure that you as a festival participant can stand and sit with plenty of space during the entire festival. During breaks, there will also be a good opportunity to visit the Tivoli Congress Center's outdoor areas.
  • At all rooms there will be access to hand sanitizer and we ensure, continuous ventilation between sessions. The Tivoli Congress Center will pay attention to the authorities' guidelines for cleaning and disinfection, so you can move around the festival safely.
  • Read more about the Tivoli Congress Center's covid initiative via this link.


How do you move around at the festival
  • We encourage you to: Not to show up at the festival if you have any kind of symptoms.
  • To comply with the Danish Health and Medicines Authority's recommendations for good hygiene and appropriate behavior during the festival.
  • To follow the guidelines given by the festival staff.


You are also more than welcome to contact our project coordinator Eva on