About Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses

About Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses

About Copenhagen Masterclasses

Copenhagen Masterclasses is a full-day program that runs the day after Copenhagen TV Festival on August 21st 2019. 

The program consists of two masterclasses and collects approx. 170 writers, instructors and producers from Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. 

Former creators which have held masterclasses and shared their ideas have been:

Bruce Miller, 'The Handmaid's Tale'
Nic Pizolatto, 'True Detective'
Jane Campion, 'Top of the Lake'
Howard Gordon, 'Homeland'
Sarah Treme, 'The Affair'
Daniel Zelman, 'Bloodline'

The purpose of Copenhagen TV Series Masterclasses is to strengthen and inspire the most talented writers, instructors and producers who work with TV series in the Nordic region by creating a forum for them to network and learn from the worlds greatest creators.

The organizers

Copenhagen Masterclasses are organized by Copenhagen TV Festival/ Danish Producers' Association and by Copenhagen Film Fund in collaboration with The Royal Danish Film School.

The Steering Committee 

Mette Sig, Copenhagen TV Festival

Thomas Gammeltoft, Copenhagen Film Fund

Caroline Gjerulff, Copenhagen Film Fund

Camilla Pedersen, Copenhagen TV Festival

Susanne Hodges, Copenhagen TV Festival