Masterclass Babylon Berlin

Masterclass Babylon Berlin

Masterclass with two of the creators behind Babylon Berlin

The highly successful tv-series Babylon Berlin is one of Germany's largest television ventures in recent times. The series has, against all expectations, taken the international audience by storm.

Copenhagen TV Festival and Copenhagen Film Fund are proud to present two of the creators behind the series in this three-hour masterclass.

Achim Von Borries and Henk Handloegten will go in depth with the creation of the series and how they created this unique universe, where both history, the characters, the dance, the music, the politics and the aesthetics all comes together. 

They will also go in depth with how they - very atypically for a television series of this size - have been three directors on each episode. Achim Von Borries, Henk Handloegten and Tom Tykwer worked as directors in all episodes as a threesome.

Tom Tykwer to The Hollywood Reporter: 

Every single episode was shot by all three of us, together. That never happens, because usually it’s one episode, on edirector. But we didn’t shoot episodes; we shot locations. All the scenes in one location would be shot by a single director and then combined in the final edit. The approach is a cost-cutter – it makes the production more efficient – but it also gave Babylon Berlin a unique edge.


Babylon Berlin breaks with conventions. Few had foreseen that a television series about Berlin's swinging 20s - in German - would transform into a global giant hit.