Ryan O'Connell's Special

Now you get the opportunity to meet the creator behind the Netflix comedy series Special. the The creator Ryan O'Connell both stars and writes, and is the executive producer on the series. Special is  based on O'Connell's own life being both gay and disabled with cerebral palsy.

Ryan O'Connell gives us his insights into his work with the series and tells us about his ups and downs in creating a series about being both gay and disabled, and how he in an entertaining and lively way breaks with the usual ideas on how a comedy series should be like. 

getting the show made has been a fucking journey (...) This might shock you, but putting a gay disabled lead on TV isn’t an instant sell. It takes time, perseverance and a sprinkle of delusion.

Ryan O’Connell, Variety in 2019

Special is a distinctive and uplifting series about a gay man, Ryan, with mild cerebral palsy who decides to rewrite his identity and finally go after the life he wants. The series premiered on Netflix on April 12, 2019. In May 2021 the second and final season premiered.