Copenhagen TV Festival's organizers

The Danish producer' Association organizes the Copenhagen TV Festival. The Danish producers' Association is also behind a number of other industry events, such as Tvprisen, True Award and Spilprisen. 

Danish Producers' Association is an association of Danish film- and TV producers and game developers. Our members produce short film and documentaries, feature films, TV programmes, film and TV commercials, educational films, multimedia productions, computergames and corporate profile videos.

As one of the only producers’ associations in Europe, the Danish Producers’ Association organises all industries in one association – featuring film, tv, documentaries, computer games, commercials. This gives a better outlook and gives the association the possibility to have a large secretariat to assist the members. Read more HERE.  



If you have any questions regarding the Copenhagen TV Festival, please contact customer service via email at or by phone at +45 3386 2880.

The customer service telephone is open:

Monday - Friday: 12.30 PM - 16.00 PM


Note: The festival editorial team is on summer vacation throughout July. However, we will all be back at the start of August and will respond to emails and calls then.

Mette Sig

Festival Director

Maria Hougaard


Maternity leave in 2024 


Camilla Pedersen


Martine Yde Johnsen

Project coordinator 

Alberte Louise Hegnet Gade

Production assistant

Estrid Böttiger

Communications manager