The Norwegian hit series 'Exit'

Sex purchases, cocaine and violence are everyday life for the financial elite in 'Exit' - Norway's biggest TV success since Skam. Get insights from the creator Øystein Karlsen on the series about Norway’s financial elite.

This session is presented in cooperation with Vision Denmark & The National Film School of Denmark

Exit has now become the most-streamed series in NRK's ​​history and has just aired its season two earlier this year. The series is sold to more than 30 countries including Denmark - being a succes here as well. 

Get insights from creator Øystein Karlsen at this years Copenhagen TV Festival and hear much more about the research, how much 'Exit' reflects reality vs fiction and how Øystein even managed to get in-depth interviews with some of Norway’s most influential people from the financial elite. 

Based on true events, Exit is set in Norway’s high-flying financial world. It revolves around four narcissistic men in their 30s who are looking for an exit from everyday pressures and obligations by using drugs, prostitutes and challenging their own – already low – sets of moral values.