Copenhagen Masterclasses

Copenhagen Masterclasses

Masterclass 2023: Meet the creator behind Succession

We are bursting with pride to announce, that the creator of Succession Jesse Armstrong joins Copenhagen Masterclasses this summer to give us an exclusive insight into the creation of one of the biggest TV successes of our time.

Get ready to go behind the scenes of the most talked-about TV drama in years as Jesse Armstrong, the creator of Succession, takes the stage at Copenhagen Masterclasses!

The Roy family's media empire is in jeopardy as Logan Roy's health deteriorates. His four children, each with their own ambitions and flaws, jockey for position to take over the family business. The stakes are high as alliances are formed and betrayed, secrets are uncovered, and trust is shattered. In a world of power, money, and privilege, the battle for succession is ruthless and unforgiving.

With its gripping family drama, biting social commentary, and a cast of talented actors, Successionhas become one of the most compelling and buzzworthy shows in recent years. At the festival, Jesse Armstrong will reveal how he crafted this masterpiece, from the initial conception of the show to the challenges of bringing it to life on screen.

So don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to get an inside look at the twisted world of the Roy family and learn how Armstrong brought their story to life and created a family that everyone loves to hate.

This masterclass is organized by Copenhagen TV Festival/Producentforeningen in cooperation with Vision Denmark and The National Film School of Denmark