Leaving Neverland is one of this year's most important #metoo documentaries. A film that continuously draws headlines in relation to the film's journalistic methods and the accusations raised towards the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.

A shattering four-hour documentary showing so far unknown footage. Through nerve wrecking interviews the film put charges on Michael Jackson and accuses him of having abused his power and seduced children and their families. Get close to Dan Reed's methods, when he reveals his considerations behind Leaving Neverland and his work with the two protagonists' profound stories. 

The award-winning director, Dan Reed is also behind the critically documentaries Terror of the Mall and The Paedophile Hunter. Dan Reed usually uses many interviewees to substantiate his journalistic and well-researched stories. Get behind the way Dan Reed works, when he talks about the considerations behind Leaving Neverland, and why he has chosen to centre the documentary around two children and their heartbreaking stories.

Also, get to know where the accusations raised in the film have left both the children, Michael Jackson and the entire Jackson dynasty today.