Getting the details right

HBO and Sky UK miniseries, Chernobyl, is the most highly-rated TV show of all time. A TV Miniseries that brings the Chernobyl disaster back to life and back into public discussion.

Meet director Johan Renck, who directed the miniseries. Johan is former know for directing music videos, but this time he has dived in to a historical masterpiece about one of the biggest nuclear-tragedies.

On this project Johan had the ultimate chance to indulge his obsession with detail. And in this session you get an inside to how Johan Renck and his team recreated Chernobyl down to the smallest detail and why it felt essential to pay all this attention to every detail.

Johan Renck met personally with many survivors and former liquidators (the people with the unenviable task of minimising the damage done by the reactor explosion). He soaked up all their stories and read every account. Not only was he eager to get the look, the locations the costumes right. But also the horrors of radiation. The horrors of radiation’s effects on the human body aren’t documented much in popular culture. And this is one of the many ways in which Chernobyl is a groundbreaking work of filmmaking.

All of this meticulous attention to the reality of Chernobyl was central to Johan’s overarching goals for the work of film:

I want it to be experiential. I want it to feel like you are there. There is a massive difference between watching something that is obscured by the filters of filmmaking. The image is important to me, but the general ambiance is not trying to convolute things. It’s not supposed to be like looking at an old photograph. It’s supposed to feel like what it felt like.

Join the session with Johan Renck and hear how the film has brought the disaster back into public discussion.

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