We live in a world of too much information and too little context. Too much noise and too little insight. That's where Vox's explainers come in. A truly playful format that explains the news. And aims to make people understand the world better.

From the outset, Vox’s Explainer-Style format has been at the core of the Vox’s videos. In this session, you can meet Joe Posner, Head of Video at Vox in New York and get behind Vox’s Explainer-Style format and Vox’s special tone of voice when it comes to video and digital documentaries.

Since Vox launched in 2014 they did with a few beliefs. One was that important, slow-changing topics were often neglected in favour of fast-breaking stories. Another was that digital media had become persistent in a way that print and radio and television weren’t. Digital media makes the work we make accessible, searchable, and even changeable indefinitely. Vox set out to take that persistence seriously. They wanted to make stories that would be as relevant two years from now as today?

Last year Vox premiered with a new show “Explained” on Netflix that expands on Vox’s signature Explainer-Style format with roughly 15 minutes deep dives into topics that drives our lives or our world. Netflix ordered 20 episodes and has greenlighted new episodes. This is Vox’s first truly global product: Each episode is in 191 countries, dubbed into four languages and subtitled in 23 more.

Joe Posner will also talk about how Vox from the outset has used YouTube as a platform. Now with more than 6 million subscribers. Vox just launched a pilot project with YouTube-membership. Vox has from the outset struggled to find a sustainable business model for the digital documentary, and it is now slowly starting to pay back.

Finally, Joe Posner will share his thoughts on the future of the digital documentary.

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And you can watch Explained for Netflix here: