Killer Ratings: A crazy true-crime story

The new Netflix original documentary series Killer Ratings tells the extraordinary story of Brazilian TV host Wallace Souza who, it is alleged, took extraordinary actions in the hunt for higher ratings.

The series raises the question: Did Wallace arrange murders to boost his show?

Killer Ratings explores the life of TV host and politician Wallace Souza, a man responsible for reducing gang crime in his home city Manaus, the capital of the Amazon. At least, that’s how it appeared on the surface. But accusations soon emerged that the dead bodies broadcast on his show were in fact orchestrated by Souza himself in a bid to improve his ratings.

In this session the series creator, Daniel Bogado, will share details about this incredible story and the process through which an idea became a 7 part Netflix series. He will also discuss the challenges of crafting from an editing base in London a highly complex story without narration and in a foreign language and of delivering the whole series in only 18 months.

Killer Ratings is the first non-English Original Documentary Series commissioned by Netflix and can be watched now on Netflix.

“What I thought I knew about Wallace Souza when I set out, turned out only to be the starting point of this extraordinary story. When I looked deeper, I saw the events that followed were full of the most jaw-dropping turns, twists and shocks which would be deemed too outlandish in a Hollywood script,” Daniel Bogado, Director.