Behind the Norwegian hit series "Exit" 

Behind the Norwegian hit series  "Exit" 

Get behind the series about Norway’s financial elite that shocked Norway with season one in 2019. Now season two is in the making!

Sex purchases, cocaine and violence are everyday life for the financial elite in Exit - Norway's biggest TV success since Skam. Exit is based on in-depth interviews with people from Oslo’s financial world which revealed a lot of nasty stuff. 

In October, 1.3 million Norwegians saw Exit at NRK and it has now become the most-streamed series in NRK's ​​history. Meet creator Øystein Karlsen at Copenhagen TV Festival and hear much more about the research, how much Exit reflects reality vs fiction and how Øystein even managed to get in-depth interviews with some of Norway’s most influential people from the financial elite. Last but not least you will also get the opportunity to watch exclusive clips from the new season two of Exit.