Don't F**k With Cats - behind the true crime hit

DFWC tells the tale of a resourceful band of internet sleuths who hunt down an anonymous animal abuser who's taken to killing cats on the internet, certain that he is inexorably moving towards killing a human.  A shocking real life cat and mouse story, the sleuths find themselves drawn into the twisted mind of a psychopathic killer, Canadian male model Luka Magnotta. 

‘Don't F**k With Cats’ was a huge success when it aired on Netflix in late 2019. The series originally started out as a single 90 minute feature doc but with so many twists and turns, and a story that criss crosses the globe from Toronto to New York, Miami to Las Vegas and on to London, Paris, Berlin and Montreal, the documentary soon evolved into a three part series. Like a good real-life thriller, the series not only keeps you guessing what will happen next, it leaves the viewer wrestling with some big questions. How could Luka Magnotta evolve from animal abuser to psychopathic killer before your eyes on the internet and yet not be stopped in time?  And what role do we all have in the creation of monstrous murderers who kill for fame and notoriety? 

How do you change a production from a single documentary film to a three-part series?  How do you tell a real life story like a cinematic thriller with twist, turns and cliffhangers and a surprise around every corner?  And what are Mark Lewis' own considerations on working with the true-crime genre that fascinates so many of us? 

Get inside Director Mark Lewis’ head when he lets us in on all the considerations the team made in the making of this thrilling documentary. 

Foto credit: Netflix