Forbidden Stories – How to keep stories alive

Even if they kill the messenger, they can’t kill the message.

How can we ensure investigative journalism all over the world and make sure to protect all the journalists who every day risks their life to tell stories involving abuse of power at highest level, financial crime and other high-risk stories? Meet the founder of Forbidden Stories at this year’s Copenhagen TV Festival - a network of investigative journalists devoted to keeping the ‘forbidden’ stories alive.

The consortium of journalists in Forbidden Stories is continuing the work of threatened, jailed, assassinated journalists with the collaboration of more than 30 news organizations in the world including Le Monde, The New York Times and The Guardian. Their first project was the Daphne Project for which Forbidden Stories was awarded the European Press Prize in 2018.

The founder, Laurent Richard, created Forbidden Stories after the Charlie Hebdo attack in 2015. He worked in the building across and saw the massacre with his own eyes. This tragic event made him start the organization. Get to know Laurent at this year’s Copenhagen Tv Festival, where he will give his detailed insight into the work of Forbidden Stories and show clips from the ‘forbidden’ stories, they are working on right now.

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