Non-Obvious Thinking: Prepare For What Comes Next

Afterward: Using Non-Obvious Thinking To Prepare For What Comes Next

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When every day brings more disruption, it’s hard to know where to focus. The more things change, the less likely it seems that we’ll ever find a "future normal." Is there really any cause for optimism right now? Of course there is -- but not for everyone. The people and businesses who will be more resilient and emerge from this chaos to be stronger than before will be the ones who can keep a strategic eye focused on tomorrow instead of just reacting for today. 

In this candid session, #1 WSJ bestselling author, storyteller and entrepreneur Rohit Bhargava will share his latest award-winning trend insights, along with how you can use the principles of non-obvious thinking to see opportunities others don’t and prepare for an uncertain future.


- Five game-changing habits of non-obvious thinkers that allow you to see what others miss.

- How to rise above the noise of media and politics to focus on what really matters.

- Four deeply researched and immediately useful "non-obvious megatrends" changing our future.