The Viking that hacked Netflix's algorithm

What to do, when your TV-series is only shown on Netflix in a selected number of countries? You simply just make your very own Facebook campaign and turn it a marketing success with a great deal of viewer demand which Netflix can’t ignore? 

This I basically what Anders Tangen, CEO and producer at the Norwegian production company Viafilm, did with his Norwegian Viking TV series Norsemen. The series was only supposed to be shown in a selected number of countries, but as he thought the series could do better, he made his own PR-campaign just three weeks before the show would air on Netflix – this resulted in a huge viewer demand and Netflix instead made the series a world-wide release and even branded Norsemen as a Netflix original.

So how do you stand out in the carousel? First, you have to understand how the algorithms work. Only then can you really take your show’s fate into your own hands. If you're frustrated that your show is not pushed enough on your streaming platform this is the place to get some inspirations on how you get leads from social media.

Get to know CEO and producer Anders Tangen at this year’s Copenhagen TV Festival and get an in-depth insight in the success behind the Facebook campaign which made Norsemen a world-wide Netflix success.

Foto credit: Netflix