Sessions 2022

Sessions 2022

Behind The White Lotus

Meet David Bernad, the executive producer at HBO's The White Lotus, and hear about the process from idea to final show, when he joins Copenhagen TV Festival this year to give a unique insight into one of this years most acclaimed drama series. 

The HBO Max satirical comedy-drama The White Lotus shows the lives of the staff and guests at a tropical resort in Hawaii. The series satirically touch upon the lives of the American upper class and unfold their nightmare-comedy tragedy-vacation. 

David Bernad is longtime producer and partner with the series creator, Mike White. In this session David Bernad will share exclusive insights on the extraordinary circumstances in which the show was created, the most valuable creative and productional take-aways from the first season, and of course address the most important question of all; how was it to spend three entire month shooting a show in The Four Seasons Resort in Hawaii.

This session is supported by the Danish 'Film & TV gruppen' in The Danish Union of Journalists.