Future of news: 'its land grab time'

The rise of streaming has changed the rules og TV news. The field is open, attempts have been made, some failed, some succeed - but one thing is certain: It´s land grab time!

How do we receive news in 5 years? In 10 years? Is there any common news at all - or is everything personalized and is video only a TikTok-thing? Many major media companies have spent a lot of resources and time thinking about just that. Two insightful media personalities discuss just that. They promise three key takeaways for your further reflection on the matter - whether you are a media boss, a journalist or just interested in working with streaming news.

Everyone knows the land of opportunity in streaming is wide open. It´s "the wild west - and it is land grab time. You better be in the game or you risk losing that space forever" as Peter Csathy put it, chairman of CREATV Media, a media and technology business.

Now the market is starting to move. has just launched a free streaming service in Scandinavia, TV 2 PLAY contains NEWS, DRTV has a news loop, and the Nordic countries are trying everything from Ai-generated news to news with no anchor - but what is the path to success? What have they done in the US, around Europe or in Asia? What to do in Denmark? 

This session is arranged by Johanne Hesseldahl Larsen and Kristian Bech Josefsen members of the Programme committee