Sessions 2022

Sessions 2022

Ros Atkins: The future of news

It´s time to ask a fundamental question: where does journalism fit into our world? BBC´s Ros Atkins provides his take on the future of news in this key note.

News is not a given in people’s lives. It can’t be assumed people will seek to learn about our world via journalism. If you believe in the importance of journalism to our society – and to the world – then actively engaging in what journalists and media need to become isn’t optional. This isn’t some distant moment. Now is the time to engage, reimagine and innovate. 

Meet Ros Atkins, presenter and creator of the programme Outside Source - a show created for the digital user. Ros has been a BBC News TV and radio anchor for 18 years and has covered many of the biggest global stories including Brexit, COVID19 and multiple US and European elections. Since 2019, Ros´ new video explainer format has become a global phenomenon with vast audiences on social media and on the BBC´s digital, TV and radio channels.

This session is arranged by Johanne Hesseldahl Larsen and Kristian Bech Josefsen members of the Programme committee