Blank: From research to storyline

Since fiction targeted at a young audience went online it has been more and more important to know your target group and involve them in the development of the creative concept.

In this session Knut Næsheim from NRK will share his most important learnings from the Norwegian public-service broadcaster. He is one of Scandinavia’s most talented concept developers, writers and directors. Knut Næsheim has been involved in developing the form and method that let to Skam and now also Blank (1 + 2). He is extremely skilled in how you transform research about the target group to a trustworthy and engaging storyline.

In this session he will share his learnings from developing NRKs Blank, and he will share the dilemmas and challenges when developing characters and storyline from research on 19-year old girls.

You can watch Blank I here:

And you can watch the newest series Blank II here: