We tend to look to BBC3 for inspiration on youth content. But also in Germany they have done a bold move. FUNK is a new take to reach the youth with public service content. 

FUNK is Germanys answer to the increasing challenges to reach the younger viewers. The two major public broadcasters wanted to change their dusty image and create something entirely new. ARD and ZDF joined forces and created FUNK, a public service funded content network. They target 14-29 year olds with current affairs, factual entertainment and scripted series. Through new channels. 

FUNK is supported politically with45 mio. euros per year in license fees per with the permission to play and produce content to third party platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Tiktok and WhatsApp.

With 3 years on its back you will learn from FUNK commissioner Nicola Staender their key successes and challenges within storytelling, distribution and marketing. Nicola will be joined by Hannes Jakobsen from Drive Beta who will share his experience in producing content for FUNK and share his biggest learnings.


About FUNK
FUNK is the first public service content-network that started on October 1, 2016. They create online-only content on social networks and third-party platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat for 14-29 year-olds. They aim at enabling talents, established creators and newcomers to create content that can inform, engage and entertain our community without commercial and political influence or product placements.

Their target audience is far from homogenous – just imagine the different realities in the lives of a 14-year-old student and a 29-year-old single mother – they strive to produce diverse shows for key target groups with different interests, age-groups and backgrounds. FUNKs portfolio includes 70+ social media channels with original content, including investigative journalism shows, the first media channel on TikTok in Germany, Facebook groups to discuss topics like crimes or politics and the first snapchat telenovela.

90% of the content is webvideos. Each and every format is originally produced for the use on a specific platform. FUNK wants to provide their target group with well researched, journalistic value content that they otherwise might not find on most of those platforms. 

Their top priority is to reach the target audience, namely approximately 15 million people living in Germany between the age of 14 and 29 who have internet access, and the goal is a substantial growth in reach. However, not only do they want to reach them, they also strive to be a consistent factor in their everyday lives. To achieve this, FUNK has committed themselves to a third-party distribution strategy: they aim for the Facebook timeline, the Snapchat story, the Instagram feed.


The session is developed by members of the Program Committee:

  • Marianne Bjørn, Head of Content and Acquisitions, Banijay Nordic
  • Taus Abildgaard, Creative Director, Drive Studios