Building a successful brand has always been a challenge but with a constantly evolving and crowded landscape it becomes increasingly difficult to succeed. BBC Children has found a succesfull method to creat superbrands across platforms.

Meet Lizzie Mathieson, Labs Lead at BBC Children’s Discovery Lab, who in this session will share BBC Children’s approach to building it’s brand for pre-schoolers – CBeebies – into the most successful children’s channel in the UK and a brand that has become a household name.

She will take you through the process and what it involves when establishing the brand and what it offers. How BBC Children identify potential and decode audience behaviours and needs to define their strategies across TV, Video On-Demand, Apps, Youtube and Social Media and more…

The session will also include the BBC Children approach to encouraging brand advocates through active engagement and enabling brand participation with a dedicated fan community, and examples on how BBC Children identified the potential to build a super brand with one of their channel’s defining shows Something Special, recognising the resonance of the key character ‘Mr Tumble’ with a large proportion of the audience.

You will get a structured process, examples and explanations that may benefit your own content and brands.

About BBC Children

Loved by children and trusted by grown-ups, BBC Children mission is unchanged. BBC Children is determined to ‘Light Up Little Learners’ with quality content across all genres as well as experiences across radio, websites, live theatre events and apps. By being bold, innovative and enabling BBC Children creates characters and content for children – and their grown-ups – to fall in love with.