How NRK reached a difficult target group

A new wave of dramaseries targeted a young audience are coming out of Norway - and Scandinavia in general. And at NRK in Norway they are really good at involving the target audience in the development of the creative concepts.

NRK’s dramaseries “17” about the seventeen year old Norwegian-Somali boy Abdi (without an s in the end) and his everyday life in Groruddalen in Norway is an interesting example.

The creative team behind the series, scriptwriter Marte Sunde Härter and producer Nora Ibrahim had a specific task. They were assigned to create a series for a target group that normally doesn’t use NRK, doesn’t really watch tv and who think they have to pay for content at NRK TV. And who furthermore think NRK is totally irrelevant.

In this session Marte Sunde Härter, scriptwriter (17) and Nora Ibrahim, producer (17) will talk about how they involved a small target group of young Norwegian-Somali boys very early in the process, how they involved them in several stages of the production and how they started out with a really narrow target group but managed to reach a much broader audience.

You can watch “17” here: 17