Making playable stories for kids

Today children are moving to digital platforms at an earlier and earlier age. Children’s play pattern changes and the LEGO brand follows. Today LEGO produces not only bricks but creates content, products and experiences all centered around play for all ages.

In this session you can meet Mikkel Lee, Story Manager at LEGO Creative Play Lab and Lillie Talbott, Senior Concept designer at LEGO Creative Play Lab. They will share the importance of play and how LEGO create worlds, characters and stories that get kids playing.

LEGO believes that in a world where children, trends and play behaviors change constantly LEGO must be agile and highly adaptable in order to remain relevant to their needs. And in order for LEGO to meet those needs they invented the Creative Play Lab, a team of creatives and product developers who’s aim is to invent radically new play opportunities.

Mikkel Lee and Lillie Talbott will give you a peek inside the lab and how LEGO defines play and how they work to design stories that inspire play.