Sessions 2023

Sessions 2023

I’m not a monster - The truth about an IS-recruit?

Meet the investigavtive journalist, filmmaker and creator behind the BBC´s most awarded (and very addictive) podcast series "I´m Not a Monster" and the documentary "The Shamina Begum Story", when Josh Baker visits this year´s TV Festival. In this session Josh Baker will talk about his work and answer questions about the teenage girl who fled the UK to join ISIS, and who later became a headline all over Europe.

At just 15, Shamima Begum ran away from her home in London with two friends to join the terror group Islamic State in Syria. Four years later, she was the only one of the girls alive. She was pregnant, and ended up in a prison camp in Northern Syria, as many other women of the so-called caliphate, desperate to go home. The British government took away her citizenship to stop her coming back, saying she was a threat to national security, and to this day, she is still in Northern Syria.

From the detention camp, she has given journalist Josh Baker what she calls ´the full account´ of what happened. He has been following her story, since she left, and spent more than a year retracing her journey and investigating her account to piece together what really happened in the ´black box´ of war torn Syria, and why she came to join ISIS.

On stage, Josh Baker will give os his learnings from working with scenes and stories for a documentary produced partly in a hostile environment and with a protagonist that has many reasons not to tell the full truth.