Picture perfect - The essential first impression

In a time where streams are the new version of tv ratings, a new art form has emerged: Key art. The almighty little square that determines whether your video will be seen or not. But how do you make eye-catching key art? We are here to tell you.

Everyone who works with digital video platforms knows one thing: Key art is essential! Whether you´re creating content for social media, streaming platforms or public service, there´s one thing you can´t avoid. Your series/video/film MUST have a clickable image, and that small image can be a the deciding factor to whether it it´s your video that gets clicked on.

Join us when Helene Christensen, Thomas Erik Fuglsang-Madsen and Fredric Hammarlund - three experts in key art sit down together and dive into the new art form. Hear what works, what doesn´t, and why this is one of the most important things you can teach yourself in the dreaded new media reality. Come in and look at some small but catchy pictures with us and learn how a small square can tell big things.

This session is organized by program committee members Stine Lykkebo & Anton Abildgaard.