What Netflix wants?

Join TV host Ane Cortzen as she invites Jenny Stjernströmer Björk from Netflix to Copenhagen TV Festival for an engaging session, where they will openly discuss what the streaming service is seeking in terms of content.

In this session, Ane Cortzen invites Jenny Stjernströmer Björk, Netflix’s Vice President of Nordic content on stage at the Copenhagen TV Festival.

They will delve into Netflix's strategy for the Danish market, exploring their preferred genres. Are Netflix inclined towards content with a distinct Danish DNA or a more international orientation? Are there genres they are hesitant to explore? Additionally, the session will shed light on the balance between scripted and non-scripted content and delve into Netflix’s development processes. 

Be prepared for answers to these pressing questions, accompanied by exclusive clips from their upcoming seasons, providing a sneak peek into the exciting content they have in store.