When reality TV flirts with autism

Step into the captivating world of Love On The Spectrum as director Cian O'Clery takes the stage at Copenhagen TV Festival. In this session, O'Clery invites you on a mesmerizing journey behind the making of the reality show that has touched the hearts of viewers worldwide.

Join us as O'Clery takes us behind the scenes, sharing intimate details and remarkable stories that unfolded during the making of Love On The Spectrum. Delve into the challenges faced, the emotional highs and lows, and the unique approaches used to capture the essence of each individual's journey.

Don't miss this opportunity to witness Cian O'Clery's masterful storytelling as he shares the secrets behind the making of Love On The Spectrum, and discover how Love On The Spectrum has become a powerful platform, fostering understanding and transforming perceptions about autism.

Join us at the Copenhagen TV Festival for an enlightening session that will challenge your perceptions, ignite your imagination, and leave you with a profound appreciation for the power of reality television to create meaningful connections.

Fotocredit: Netflix