Young Royals - How to make it big on Netflix

The original idea was to make a reality series set at a boarding school, then it turned into a murder mystery, and finally ended up as a scripted love story between a young, closeted, homosexual prince and an ordinary boy. But how does a slow paced, LGBTQ+, Swedish language, teenage drama become an international audience success on Netflix, with actors making it onto The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon? 

The secret to reaching a global audience, it would seem, is not only having a huge budget and big IPs. Tapping in to the zeitgeist and portraying young people in an authentic way can also do the trick. By creating a local strong story that carries universal themes and big emotional twists, the show has found a very dedicated fan base across the globe. 

With the third season now in production, we ask co-creators Lars Beckung (executive producer) and Lisa Ambjörn (head writer), what is the story behind the success of Young Royals and how did research and other tools play an instrumental role, in making an accurate portrayal of the characters that resonated with the audience?

This session is organized by program committee members Katrine Sideline & Nynne Duvå Hall.

Fotocredit: Netflix