Meet Mr. Beast’s Scroll Stopper

In this session you meet one of the people behind the worldwide Youtube phenomenon Mr. Beast and get an insight on how they with huge success work tirelessly with creating fascinating content - and especially the perfect hook to stop the scrolling and attract the viewing.

In a world where scrolling is the way to experience content it is important to know how to hook people, in no more than 3 seconds, and get them to stop and watch the rest of your content.

In this exclusive session, you’ll get to experience Hugo Holmquist — an extraordinary 19-year-old high school student from Malmö who shuttles between his senior year in high school and San Francisco where he works. For a little more than a year Hugo was a part of the team behind Mr. Beasts short form videos. The team behind invest nearly unlimited resources to create videos that as many people as possible pause to watch - and watch through to the end. And Hugo’s most viewed videos has more than 1 billion views!

With this session, you’ll bring home strong “how-to” points on how to create those powerful hooks, we all strive for to be able to create engaging content. Hugo will give us an eye-opening insight into how he and his team members work very detailed on every frame of the popular videos. He will show us which tools and methods he use to catch the user’s attention and reveal some useful secrets.

At the same time Hugo’s personal story is a fascinating, inspiring and mind blowing story of how the modern global media world works – and how young generations of content creators enter and navigates in it.

This session has been arranged by Steffen Bjergved and Morten Lollike members of the program committee.