The Crown: Fiction grounded in reality

Fiction series that explore real events and individuals are gaining popularity, and we're excited to share that Peter Morgan, the master of this genre and creator of The Crown, will be attending the Copenhagen TV Festival, offering an exclusive insight into the creation of one of TV’s most compelling historical dramas of our time.

Step behind the velvet ropes and dive into the fascinating world of royal intrigue and drama as creator Peter Morgan discusses the hit TV series, The Crown.

The Crown stands out as one of Netflix's greatest audience triumphs, having just wrapped up with its sixth and final season airing in late 2023. With its attention to detail, stellar performances, and gripping storytelling, The Crown has captivated audiences worldwide, offering a glimpse into the private lives of the British royal family.

Join us for an exclusive session with Peter Morgan as he takes us behind the scenes, sharing insights into creating a fictive story grounded in reality. Discover how Peter Morgan navigates the delicate balance between reality and fiction in crafting a compelling narrative based on real events and living royal personalities. 

Don't miss this opportunity to engage with one of the industry's foremost storytellers as Peter Morgan offers a rare glimpse into the inner workings of one of television's most compelling dramas. 

This session is supported by Vision Denmark. 

Fotocredit: Netflix