Turning Squid Game into a reality hit

We're excited to welcome Tim Harcourt, the mastermind behind Squid Game: The Challenge, which transforms the intense narrative of Squid Game into a real-world competition, captivating audiences worldwide.

Reality TV shows are taking the world by storm, pushing the boundaries of entertainment and audience engagement. One of the wildest reality programs last year is undoubtedly Squid Game: The Challenge, and now you have the opportunity to meet the mastermind behind it - Tim Harcourt.

Squid Game: The Challenge has emerged as a riveting extension of the original Korean series, turning the intense, dystopian narrative into a gripping, real-world competition. But how does one transform a fictional story filled with life-or-death stakes into a reality show?

In this session, creator Tim Harcourt will delve into the creative process, discussing the challenges and triumphs of bringing Squid Game: The Challenge to life. Don't miss this chance to gain insights from one of reality TV’s most innovative creators.