Meet Mark Saben, executive producer Race Across the World, who will reveal how he and his team - despite major challenges - succeeded in making a factual entertainment show with few rules and maximum authenticity.

In this session Mark Saben will share the secrets behind this new, successful format and the challenges and logistical nightmare behind it:

"It's been massively challenging. But I like doing things that scare me", says Mark Saben, executive producer of Race Across the World (BBC News). 

Imagine planning a TV show where you had ten people travelling 12,000 miles over 50 days - and no idea exactly how they would do it.

Race Across the World is a British television competition and factual entertainment programme, where five pairs of travelers compete in a flightless race from the UK to the Far East. The pairs were given the cost of a single airfare from London to Singapore, in cash - the catch being, they couldn't take a single flight. The use of smartphones is also forbidden. Those who cross the finish line in the quickest time, and with the best strategy, are awarded a cash prize of 20.000 pounds to share.

Race Across the World is produced by Studio Lambert and the show has unofficially been billed as being to Amazing Race what The Island is to Survivor. The show manages to feel like a very relatable, nostalgic reminder of how old school travel used to be.