Øystein Karlsen

Screenwriter and director

Øystein Karlsen is Norway’s most sought-after and edgy screenwriter and director. Karlsen is the name behind several highly successful and celebrated Norwegian TV series, including Dag (2010-2015), One Night (2017) and Exit (2019). Karlsen is also the director of several episodes of the popular and awarded Norwegian-American Netflix Original Lilyhammer (2014).

2019 saw the premiere of Karlsen’s latest creation, the scandalous success series Exit, which shook Norway to its core and quickly became the most streamed series in NRK’s history. The dark and twisted drama is lauded around the world, and has generated more publicity than any other Norwegian series.

Based on true events, Exit is set in Norway’s high-flying financial world. It revolves around four narcissistic men in their 30s who are looking for an exit from everyday pressures and obligations by using drugs, prostitutes and challenging their own – already low – sets of moral values. Exit was nominated in numerous categories at the Golden Screen Awards, including ‘Best TV Drama’, ‘Best Innovation’, ‘Best Script’ and ‘Best Director’