Aliaume Leroy

BBC Eye Investigations
investigative producer and director

Aliaume Leroy is an award-winning investigative producer and director with BBC Eye Investigations specialising in open-source journalism or OSINT and fusing it with documentary storytelling. He has investigated war crimes and extrajudicial killings, arms and drug trafficking, sexual violence targeting women, frauds, and environmental crimes. Before the BBC, he was a contributor with Bellingcat and worked for Global Witness.

The most famous investigative documentary he worked on is 'Anatomy of a Killing' where a team of OSINT specialists, including Aliaume, exposed through forensic analysis the soldiers who murdered two women and two young children in Cameroon. Two years after the investigation came out, a military court sentenced four of the soldiers involved in the killings to ten years in prison. The team also received many awards for their work, including a Peabody and an RTS.

In the years since, ‘Anatomy of a Killing’ has become a standard teaching resource in OSINT courses all over the world, used to show students—from Google workshops to Princeton seminars—the power and potential of open-source journalism.