Chris Gibson

BBC News
Futures Editor

Chris is a British journalist who has spent the last decade covering major political and international events from the financial crisis to Brexit to the US election campaign.

For the past two years, he has been involved in driving the digital transformation at the BBC by attracting younger and more diverse global audiences. He has been spearheading special projects such as ‘We Are’ and #CoastalBritain which attempt to cover stories from parts of the UK which are often underespresented in their coverage.

Formerly the BBC’s Politics Producer, Chris has covered every twist and turn from the corridors of power in Westminster. As New York producer, Chris covered the US election campaign closely and was one of the few non-American journalists to criss-cross the US aboard Hillary Clinton’s campaign plane. In 2019, Chris was appointed the Executive Producer of News Xchange which is Europe’s most influential journalism conference. His role saw him collaborating with major broadcasters from across the world including CNN, Al Jazeera, NHK, ARD as well as tech companies such as Facebook, Google, Twitter and Instagram.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys running marathons.